Burning Light (2006)

Directed by Marc Ellegaard Starring: Jerry Ezekiel, Michael Grinter, Hubertus Martin © 2006 Y Productions Limited. All rights reserved. The action in the film switches between the present day, the aftermath of a terrorist action in London, and the events leading to this act. In the present day scenes, a terrorist suspect, Aris Gildemeister, is.. read more →

Blinded (2004)

Directed by Eleanor Yule Starring: Peter Mullan, Anders W. Berthelsen, Phyllida Law and Samantha Bond © 2004 Oscar Films Limited. All rights reserved. While doing her rounds in the Scottish countryside, Doctor Caroline Lamar comes upon a hitchhiker, and offers him a lift. Young Danish backpacker Mike Hammershoi explains that he is looking for work.. read more →

News – ISI 1st Quarter Kick-off Broadcast short accepted for the Big Screen Film Festival

London Pictures Ltd., an independent film production company based in the UK, announces that its Corporate Spoof short ‘ISI 1st Quarter Kick-off Broadcast’ has been accepted by the BBC for its Big Screen Film Festival. BBC Big Screen Festival read more →