Spec Script Submission


So, you are a fantastic writer with a great script…

…but you are undiscovered!


Okay Screenwriters, your neat idea is now a script. After hundreds of drafts you have a perfect script and you know it, but still, you just can’t sell it! So what’s new. We’ve all been there. Nobody seems to want your work! Or, if some interest is shown, there is still little chance of the script becoming a film. Your hopes of taking that first step to fame and fortune seem elusive. Well, perhaps London Pictures could help.

We are looking for completed UK based screenplays suitable for ‘no-to-low’ budget independent feature films, DTV movies, DDVD features, web movies and slipstream radio broadcasts. If your script meets the following criteria then keep reading:

  • character driven dialogue
  • 85 to 95 minutes in length (i.e. 85 to 95 pages in length using the standard Warner Bros screenplay format)
  • set primarily in a single location (e.g. a house)
  • a maximum of 10 characters
  • serious special effects are not required
  • set in a modern time period
  • an excellent review from a established independent evaluator (i.e. reading report) from a recognised screenwriting organisation (e.g.The Script FactoryLondon Pictures Script Evaluation Service,EuroscriptRaindance, etc.)

If you have this type of work then we want to hear from you. However, before you get excited you should know a few more things: We don’t deal with agents. We BUY scripts (all rights) not optioning. We don’t pay much for them either. Big deal you say? Well, the scripts we buy we also MAKE and actively sell to the distributors. So, what you get is the credit on your CV/resume for a film which has been produced. No, we don’t expect established writers will want to work with us, but those looking for their lucky break may find that first valuable step with us. We have also been known to commission new work (two drafts usually), so if you think you have an idea just screaming to be developed, then write a treatment.

That is it. So if you are still interested, then please send your Scripts to us via our inktip website:

Please be advised that we only accept submissions via InkTip.com and never accept unsolicited submissions to any of our email addresses.

Go to www.InkTip.com/submissions and type in your email address and this code: 7nbmektsb2

Then click the Login button.

By using this link it protects the writer and the reader, so it is good for both parties. So, if you would like to submit a script, go to the above mentioned link and use the above code.

Hear from you soon!