Doorways (2014)

Directed by Steven Murphy Starring: Jonathan Ciardini, Steven Murphy and Todd Von Joel © 2014 Breezeblock Productions. All rights reserved. A young man embarks on a search for his masculinity by becoming a bouncer. He meets Craig who has been doing it for years and it is all that he knows. The two embark on.. read more →

K The Movie (2009)

Directed by Don Allen Starring: Amokrane Kiane Sabet, Colin Salmon and Tamer Hassan © 2009 All Enquiries Productions. All rights reserved. K fights his way up through the ranks of organised crime, his every move dogged by a mysterious and powerful opponent who’ll stop at nothing to find K and the secret he unwittingly protects… read more →

That Samba Thing (2008)

Directed by Teddy Hayes Starring: Martinho da Vila and Joseph Marcell © 2008 SKD Theatrical Productions. All rights reserved. Five interlocking fictional stories depicting the lives of Brazilians and Londoners who co-exist under difficult emotional and psychological circumstances. The turmoil takes place against a backdrop of haunting memories, broken dreams, future hopes, exciting samba music.. read more →